By US law (ESA – Endangered Species Act of 1973) threatened and endangered plants and animals must be protected. What about men?

Wait, what? Men’s rights? That’s a thing? Yes, my dear, it is! This gender equality stuff got way out of hand!? Y

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When sex and gender don't match… it is for you to choose in which gender to live!

The never ending moral panic & the most pervasive myths about transgender people.

Excuse Me? What Did You Just say?!

In case no one told you yet... we are in the 21st century...?!

For the average Joe to understand: It's all about women finally having equal rights and opportunities!

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Too Taboo? Taboos... I dare you!

Vanilla only? Or being a bit more wild and curious?

Foot? Shoes? Latex? Which sexy fetishism really gets you going?
How you know what you like until you try it all?

When it comes to Fetish... one Friday might not be enough to play it all...

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“I enjoy being choked, bound, spanked, bitten
and exploring breath play.”


“Then let me ask you...
 who is free of sins and want's to cast the first stone?”

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